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For assets you can be proud of

Breast augmentation | Breast reduction 
Breast reconstruction | Breast lift and more

    Hear from our satisfied clients

    They walked in with a vision for themselves. They walked out with new-found confidence.
    Know more about their experience.

    What do you need to feel your best?

    Find the perfect procedure that will give you the body you’ve
    always wanted. Here are your options.

    Breast augmentation

    Enhance the size and shape of your breasts to get the body you love. This procedure uses the perfect implants to give you the best results.

    Breast lift

    Boost your confidence by giving your breasts a firm, lifted appearance. This procedure reverses sagging, corrects your proportions & removes excess skin.

    Breast reduction

    Embrace comfort and relief, once and for all. This procedure helps reduce the size and weight of your breasts, and gives you the proportions you've always wanted.

    The Sunion Health difference

    See why we are the top choice for our clients

    Care starts from the first consultation

    Feel comfortable and cared for right from your first visit. We answer all your questions and guide you through every step, so you never feel unprepared or ill informed.

    We have a great track record

    Our team has successfully carried out over 10,000 procedures till date, with satisfied clients all vouching for the quality of care they received. And that's something you can expect too.

    We bring you highly skilled professionals

    Rest assured that you'll receive exceptional care during your procedure. we have only the most experienced surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses on our team, working for you.

    We are centrally located

    Our clinic at Fitzrovia puts us in the heart Of London, making it easy for you to visit. we have three stations nearby, and are well- connected by road and via public transport.

    We are committed to after-care

    We prioritise healing and recovery by ensuring you have access to all the necessary follow— up appointments, post-surgery consultations and support you need after your procedure.

    Competitively priced and well worth it

    All our procedures are reasonably priced with no compromise on the quality of care you receive. Additionally, we have several financing options available for you to choose from.

    What do you need to feel your best?

    Dr. H. Sulaiman

    30+ years of experience | 5000+ procedures

    At the helm of our operations here at Sunion Health, Dr. H. Sulaiman is a leading UK-trained Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon and breast surgery specialist who is focused on boosting your femininity, confidence and well-being by addressing your aesthetic priorities. His experience over hundreds of procedures makes him an authority in aesthetic, anti-ageing and reconstructive surgeries. With innumerable papers, conferences and courses to his credit, he is regarded as a renowned leader amongst his peers.

    While Dr Sulaiman’s long career has given him a wealth of surgical experience across the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and Africa. Today, his practice keeps him rooted in London, albeit with the occasional ski triop abroad.

    Central London - Harley Street

    Harley Street is a street in Marylebone, Central London, named after Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford and
    Earl Mortimer. Since the 19th century it has housed a large number of private
    specialists in medicine and surgery.

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    Get a glimpse of our clinic

    With a state-of-the-art consultation room and operating suite right at our
    Fitzroy Square premises, you can expect the highest standards of comfort
    and care as you undergo your breast surgery.

    Fitzroy Square , Central London

    Get flexible with payments?

    You can’t put a price on confidence. That’s why, we have partnered with Fusion Lending to
    make diverse financing options available to all. Here’s how it works.

    Choose your loan amount

    You can borrow anywhere from €1,000 to €50,000, as per the requirements of your procedure.

    Choose your repayment plan

    Based on the monthly payments you want to make, you can select repayment options between I to 60 months.

    Clear the credit check

    Our lending partner will conduct a discreet and secure soft check on your credit background.

    Receive the money

    Once you clear the check, you will get a response within minutes. The money is sent to you shortly after.


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